Medical Insurance


Dr McHugh is a fully participant healthcare provider with all of the major medical insurance companies in Ireland.

It is important to check before you attend for your consultation that you have dental cover as part of your medical insurance policy.


Dr McHugh will then examine you and determine if your procedure is covered with your particular insurance company.


Dr McHugh does not require prior approval to determine if your procedure is covered by the insurance company.

Dr McHugh will determine this on the day of your consultation and will advise you if the cost of your procedure is covered by your medical insurer.

Most fees are tax deductible at 20%.


Certain procedures are completely covered with many of the insurance companies:


Covered procedures include:


  • Removal of impacted teeth
  • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Exposure of canine teeth
  • Surgical removal of buried retained roots
  • Removal of dental cysts
  • Biopsy procedures


However some procedures are not covered by medical insurance.


Procedures that are not covered by your medical insurance include:


  • Consultation
  • X-rays
  • Removal of erupted teeth that are not impacted
  • Removal of erupted wisdom teeth that are not impacted
  • Non-surgical or simple extractions
  • Dental implants for patients who have some teeth


Details of Dr McHugh’s healthcare provider consultant codes are as follows:


  • VHI provider code 12897
  • Aviva provider code 2201977
  • Laya provider code 38613
  • Glohealth provider code 1385851
  • ESB provider code MCH09
  • Garda Medical Aid code 5421